Range and load capacity

    So many great solutions for transporting your work

    Standard Van

    Practical, robust and functional in every situation
    • Load compartment length 1820 mm.
    • Load compartment width from 1230 mm to 1714 mm.
    • Height 1305 mm.
    • Volume 3.4 m³.
    • 750 kg payload.

    Maxi Van

    35 cm more length and a record payload
    • Load compartment length 2170 mm
    • Load compartment width from 1230 mm to 1714 mm.
    • Height 1305 mm.
    • Volume 4.2 m³
    • 1000 kg payload.


    Loading and unloading your vehicle is both comfortable and easy

    To make your work easier and less tiring, the New Doblò Cargo includes the following:

    • 1 or 2 large sliding side doors (height 1175 mm and width 700 mm) with the slide rails recessed in the vehicle body;
    • two types of rear door: a glazed tailgate or asymmetrical swing doors - panelled or glazed - 123 cm wide and 125 cm high on standard versions, 146 cm on high roof versions.

    As well as:

    • a load platform which is the lowest in its segment (just 545 mm from the ground);
    • the rear handle is also extremely easy to operate, allowing easy opening of the swing doors for both right and left handed operation.

    Load compartment

    BEST IN CLASS load capacity*
    • A wide and even space with smooth surfaces, free from protrusions.
    • Up to 2170 mm in length
    • Up to 1305 mm high and 1714 mm wide.
    • Load capacity from 3.4 to 4.2 m3
    • Width between wheel arches 1230 mm.
    • Panelled floor with 6 load retaining hooks and inspection plug.
    • 2 types of partition (panelled, glazed).